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Become A Professional Certified IAPC&M Life Coach Integrating Hypnotherapy & Other Skills 
With A Recognised Accreditation In 5 Months!
At Evolve College we pride ourselves on 3 things to help you become an effective, successful Life Coach -
1. Training delivered in a way so that each student understands every process, technique, theory or model easily. It can be daunting to go back to 'school' but we pride ourselves in being human, approachable and patient. We have been there ourselves so we know how it feels.
2. To give each student the confidence they need to put into practise everything they've learned and be able to sit in a room with their first clients and know they have the abilities and talents needed to effectively coach their client to their goals.
3. Every student receives a package of 'After-Care'. John is available for help, advice and support 7 days a week. Every student is trained in social media skills as part of this package, this is a new age and Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc are all valuable tools for low cost marketing.
You are our best advert. If we show you the secrets of how to be an effective coach and how to bring in a huge income and you achieve that, I am sure you will tell people where you trained and results don't lie!
Trainers John Mill & Jo Clark
A Life Coaching course that integrates The Power Of Hypnotherapy as one of its core strategies. This is unique!
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It was so important for us at Evolve College to choose a respected body in coaching to provide our accreditation and the IAPC&M is the first accreditation body to be approved by the IRCM in recognition of the calibre of our service to the industry.
The IAPC&M was founded in 1999 with the aim to raise professionalism within the coaching and mentoring industry through accreditation and when you qualify with us you will be part of a very respected and influential body. The IAPC&M is an organisation that is passionate about and dedicated to raising the professionalism of coaching and mentoring worldwide. They are one of the largest officially recognised professional accreditation bodies in existence and you will become part of that International Body of Excellence in coaching and mentoring.
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Overview Of Our 5 Month Course
The Elite Coach Certified Training Course has been designed to provide each trainee with the coaching skills to be an effective coach. This training is both highly practical and experiential encouraging each student to develop real expertise in coaching skills and techniques. On successful completion of the course each trainee will receive the Elite Coach Certified Level 5 Accreditation Certificate.
Once the course has been completed we aim that every student will:
• Become a skilled and effective coach running a mature and professional practise, having gained valuable coaching tools and techniques to facilitate change in the client.
• Understand how to build a quality relationship between coach and client.
• Enhance the client’s journey using effective conversation, powerful listening and strategies.
• Provide the client with tools, techniques and step by step plans to effectively achieve goals and create the life they desire.
• Support the client on their journey helping them overcome obstacles or resistance to create lasting change.
• Understand the responsibility of being an authentic coach with integrity ensuring that the client feels safe, valued and heard at all times.
• To practice with integrity at all times, maintaining ethical and moral boundaries.

Course Structure & Price
Our syllabus is one of the most advanced in the UK, designed by professional coaches and endorsed by academic bodies.
Module 1 - Introduction To Coaching
Module 2 - The First Session - Connection & Rapport
Module 3 - Neuro Linguistic Programming
Module 4 - Hypnotherapy
Module 5 - Strategic Intervention
Module 6 - Transformational Connection
Module 7 - Guided Affective Imagery
Module 8 - The Evolve G.R.O.W Model
Module 9 - Sexuality & Transference
Module 10 - Exam & Assessment
Course Investment £3991 inc. VAT
Bonuses and reductions only available at our MasterClass
Come To Our FREE Taster Weekend On 14th/15th September 2019
Course Dates 2019/20
August 24th/25th 
September 21st/22nd
October 26th/27th
November 23rd/24th
January 26th/27th

A letter from the founder of Evolve College, John Mill
Dear Life Coach in the making,
Welcome! I genuinely believe I can turn anyone into a successful life coach that uses hypnotherapy. I believe that you can bring in a high income and enjoy a feeling of purpose. The reason I know is because I have done it. I have results and results don't lie! We will teach you how you can coach, hypnotise, inspire and strategically influence clients and significantly impact your client's lives so they can reach their goals and aspirations. No matter what industry or business you are in, I am going to show you what 'magic' you have within you and you’ll discover how to become a sought after leader in the thriving coaching/therapy industry. You will learn how you can make a difference by helping people overcome all sorts of personal problems or challenges. 
So why Evolve College, why us?
The difference between us and every other college out there is this:

We teach to inspire. Teaching has to be fun, motivational and full of energy. I know after you've had a great morning of learning, you might go and have a big lunch but I won't let you lose focus in the afternoon when you might be feeling tired, (we call the afternoon the 'graveyard shift' we've seen so many students eyes blinking very long and slow here) so I make it even more enlightening, fun and exciting to keep you absorbing the valuable information I have for you.

Our 'After-Care' is second to none. I am on call 7 days a week for advice, support and guidance. I want to see you become a success. Nothing makes my day more than seeing you hit it big because you will inspire other students, be a walking talking proof for me and most of all you will know that this investment was one of the smartest moves you ever made.

Lastly, all my staff have to be human. What I mean by that is kind, caring, warm and very approachable. When you meet us you will soon feel like you've known us for years because connection and rapport are one of our core values. I look forward to fostering your success,


Evolve College - Elite Coach 
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