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A FREE MasterClass - Master Life Coaching, NLP & Hypnotherapy Secrets

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Don’t you just love working for someone else? No, neither did I…


The years just ticked by quickly.


Summer, autumn, winter, spring - then back to summer…


And still I didn’t feel any closer to feeling happier, more fulfilled, or more successful than before.


Time was flying by and I was becoming increasingly aware that I might wake up one day at 70 years old and feel like I hadn’t achieved anything. Sound familiar?


I needed a change.


I didn’t know where to turn, but I knew I had a natural passion for helping people…


And that’s when I turned to learning hypnotherapy.


No - not the woo-woo, count to ten and snap my fingers kind of stuff you see on TV…


But the kind of techniques that have helped people change the way they see the world, smash through the mental blocks that keep them stuck in the mud, and become hyper confident in their ability to choose their own outcome in life.


I loved it from the moment I started studying it.


Fast forward 12 years, and I’ve helped train thousands of people in the art of life coaching, NLP, and the power of hypnotherapy.


For me, my sole purpose was not to create followers but a team of leaders who feel supremely confident about taking back control of their lives and helping paying clients.


And that’s why I’m excited to announce my next completely free, 100% no-obligation training weekend in London, dedicated to helping you build and grow an incredibly successful and fulfilling life coaching & hypnosis business of your own.


By the end of this 2 day training you will have:


Learned to hypnotise someone safely and uncovered the little known secrets to using your voice in such a way, people are drawn into trance helping other people change and finding peace within yourself.


Learned advanced rapport skills used by Master Life Coaches and Counsellors and how to positively connect with someone in seconds!


Learned some exclusive NLP teaching you the power of language and how every sentence you speak can change yours and someone else's outcome

Understood how you and everyone meets their 'human needs', this is so powerful that when you get it, you will be working with change at a very deep level.


Watched actual live demos of people from the audience being offered a chance to change their beliefs, patterns and blocks!


Experienced one of the most powerful yet little known interventions called 'The 360' leaving you and everyone else in the audience blown away!


Please note, all demos and exercises are voluntary and if you don't wish to participate you are welcome to just watch, we are very chilled and easy going.


If you take advantage and grab a free seat I will teach you how to understand what makes people tick (including you) and how to understand what they need to do to change their lives from just a short conversation.


You see change can happen in a heartbeat, it doesn’t take 5 years of thinking to finally decide to change something… it happens in a split second when you finally tell yourself “I’m fed up with settling for less!”


If you decide not to come then maybe you’ll go back to that constant hamster wheel I was on, going round and round hoping for something to happen…


Or you could decide to squeeze every single drop out of every single day and take life by the horns… seriously what have you got to lose?


Like I said, the event is completely free and comes with no obligations - you could even leave after the first day if you wanted…


But I guarantee you won’t.


Attendees always say the same thing after each weekend… “I never expected it to be so good!”


If you’re interested in learning the simple hypnotherapy techniques to help you create a successful, fulfilling, and life-affirming Life Coaching business, then sign up for the free event below:


(Be quick though - we only have a limited capacity within the room, and will NOT be accepting any more sign-ups once we reach this amount!)


Event timings:
Saturday: 9.30am - 5pm
Sunday: (Little lie in) 10am - 5pm
On both days, coffee breaks are 20 minutes and lunch is 1 hour.

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    15 Jun 2024, 10:00 – 18:00
    Croydon, Park Ln, Croydon CR0 1JD, UK
    Want to get rid of the one thing that holds you back and create a new future?
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