5 Month Certified Life Coach Course

Our 5 month course (1 weekend a month) begins in February 2021 or alternatively June 2021 giving you the opportunity to train as a Professionally Accredited Level 5 Elite Life Coach Incorporating Hypnotherapy certified by the IAPC&M.


Our course is unique for three reasons:
1) It is the only life coaching course integrating hypnotherapy and so many other techniques that give you the confidence and abilities to practise as an effective life coach. We effectively cram an 11 month course into 5 months backed up by online videos relating to everything we teach you in University for you to have lifetime access to.

2) Our message is always very clear. We take you right through the whole process from taking the course to setting you up in practice. We package and position you so that you can't fail. We give you a massive after-care package! We teach you marketing so that you can bring the clients in and we work closely with you so you that you raise your game so high, that you are able to bring in that income.
No other course does this.

3) We are a family. Previous students all attend our yearly events. Previous students once qualified have been paid to teach as the college has expanded and appear as guest speakers at our MasterClass.

Everyone who attends this course is advised come to our free MasterClass as this is a module in itself and attendance secures a course reductions plus bonuses.


5 Month Course Syllabus:


Our syllabus is one of the most advanced in the UK, designed by professional coaches and endorsed by academic bodies.

Module 1 - Introduction To Coaching

Module 2 - The First Session - Connection & Rapport

Module 3 - Neuro Linguistic Programming

Module 4 - Hypnotherapy

Module 5 - Strategic Intervention

Module 6 - Transformational Connection

Module 7 - Guided Affective Imagery

Module 8 - The Evolve G.R.O.W Model

Module 9 - Sexuality & Transference

Module 10 - Exam & Assessment

The next course dates are as follows:

Course Dates April 2021

April 24th & 25th - Month One


May 29th & 30th - Month Two


June 26th & 27th - Month Three

July 24th & 25th - Month Four

August 21st & 22nd - Month Five




Course Dates June 2021

June 12th & 13th - Month One


July 10th & 11th - Month Two

August 28th & 29th - Month Three

September 18th & 19th - Month Four

October 30th & 31st - Month Five

Current Course Investment

Full payment: £2,390 Including VAT


Instalments X 7 months (£398 per month): £2786 Including VAT


Longer instalments X 18 months (£183 per month): £3,295 Including VAT

All current prices include bonuses and extras offered on application.


Our Venue:

Birkbeck University of London

1 Malet Street




Email: evolvelifecoachingcollege@gmail.com
Tel: 07855660390

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