Accredited Elite Life Coach Course Level 5 - Certified By The IAPC&M


Want to become an Accredited Elite Life Coach, Level 5, Certified by the IAPC&M?


But why come to me?


Because I did it the hard way. I did a course, qualified, then set up in Harley Street.


It was tough because no one showed me how to market myself or advertise, I had to wing it!


As success happened, I started a second practice in Sutton and over 12 years I learned how to easily rake in a high income while balancing normal life in the process.


So I created a college where I can take someone like YOU and show you the easy way to run your own business, choose your own hours and income and finally ditch the hamster wheel of working for someone else.


This is the only course in the UK and possibly the world with so much support and after care.


The course is 5 months long (1 weekend per month)


We have 2 courses coming up in May and October and below are the dates:

May 28th & 29th
June 25th & 26th
July 23rd & 24th
August 27th & 28th
September 17th & 18th

October 29th & 30th

November 26th & 27th

December 10th & 11th

January 28th & 29th

February 25th & 26th

(If you cannot make a weekend you can learn from the hub online and then complete the weekend on another course)


Times are always 10am till 5pm and we will be in The Portland Room at the Fitzrovia Hotel - London


Once qualified you will be able to call yourself 'Accredited Elite Life Coach - Level 5 Certified By The IAPC&M'


You automatically receive lifetime access to my online program Elite coaching for the life you deserve. This is the first of two hubs and this one is for self development only and you will receive access to our second Elite Coach Hub on the first month of your course. Everything on the course has been filmed so you will never have to worry about forgetting something.


I see Evolve College as a family and I want you to become a success, nothing will make me happier than you hitting it big.


"So how much will this cost me John?" I hear you say...

For the complete package:

18 month instalments plan is £195 per month = £3495

12 month instalment plan is £234 per month = £2800

8 month instalment plan is £374 per month = £2990 (saving £509)

Full payment is £2390 (saving £905)


Even though our course is 5 months long, I have crammed into this course 9 months worth of material, content, tools and strategies.


Our syllabus is one of the most advanced in the UK, designed by professional coaches and endorsed by academic bodies.


You will be trained in:


Month One-

Introduction To Life Coaching
How To Get Paying Clients
Coaching Questions
Advanced Counselling Techniques
Advanced Rapport Skills
The Well Formed Outcome
The Nuts & Bolts Of A Session


Month Two-

Strategic Intervention
The 7 Master Steps
The Primary Question
Human Needs Psychology
Conversational Hypnosis
Ericksonian Hypnosis
Transformational Connection


Month Three-

NLP The Meta Model
NLP The Milton Model
NLP Anchoring Technique
NLP SWISH Technique
Introduction To Hypnotherapy
Creative Hypnotic Script Writing


Month Four-

Guided Affective Imagery The Mountain
Guided Affective Imagery The House
Psycho Imaginative Therapy
The GROW Model
Ethics & Practice Management
Packaging Yourself, Presence & Marketing


Month Five-

Human Sexuality
Masculine & Feminine Energy


If you are interested you have to apply with a short phone interview or come along to one of our free MasterClasses.

Call me on 07855660390
Or email:

Download Our 5 Month Course Prospectus Here