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The Evolve Family


Picture the scene... 22 students turn up for the 5 month life coaching course.


Some are a little nervous and quiet, some chat easily and smile as they introduce themselves to each other, some are checking the others out.


5 months later we take the picture above. They are now part of our family.


This was in 2019 and still today we are all in touch, we have whatsapp groups, we go on days out, Christmas parties and we look out for each other.


You see when I founded Evolve Life Coaching College I wanted to create a family ‘cult’ure.


Not the sort of family that turns up at Christmas and you can’t wait for them to get drunk and go home but a family you love to see.


A family that supports you, understands you and is on the journey with you. This is not just a course. Your life will change completely from this day forth and when I tell you that once you join us, I and my mentors will be there for you 100%, it is a fact.


Ask any of our students.


Nothing excited me more than seeing a client reach their goal and changing their life and now the same happens with my students.


When you get the success you desire and deserve I will sing it from the rooftops, as will the rest of our family.

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Joan's 60th

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