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What Our Students Say

The 5 Month Course


With an innate ability to make you feel at ease, comfortable and special, John connects naturally with people. He has an easy going, non judgemental manner, which gets the best from whoever he's talking to or working with. Ever able to see the positives, John wants the best for everyone and is always willing to listen and allow you to devise your own resolution to any problems while being available to steer you back when you get tangled up in distractions or stray off track.
A skilled teacher, it is a huge pleasure to attend any of his Masterclasses, courses or workshops as you come away feeling you as though you can conquer the world - this is probably because John truly believes that you actually can! And who's to say he's wrong! I know I've grown massively in skills, ability and confidence since I met John and his equally amazing colleague Joan. I couldn't recommend the Evolve College highly enough, the depth of learning and the support has been second to none.
Thank you John, keep on doing what you do!



John is a kind, humble, giving man with a passion for helping others. The training offered on his free masterclass weekend was invaluable. There was no hard sell attached either and for that reason along with the wealth of knowledge received that weekend I decided to sign up for his Elite Level 5 Life Coaching course with NLP and Hypnotherapy and I have to say it is one of the best decisions I've ever made! I would like to thank John for not only training me to a high standard in a way that has been a joy to complete but also for welcoming me into his wonderful, supportive college family! Thanks John and all involved !
Highly recommend!!



I met John when he was running a weight group, where he helped me to lose two stone. From seeing how genuinely kind and passionate John is for helping people, I was intrigued in his generosity in constantly giving and spreading positivity! So I went to his master class which was amazing, John just gave such fascinating knowledge and gave a great sense of family and welcomed everyone. Right away I knew I wanted to follow in his direction to becoming a successful life coach. From meeting John at his weight group to his master class and till now, he inspires me and everyone around him to always believe in yourself and to keep growing and learning. Which I am definitely doing on his course, which is changing my life for the better!

John gives value to everything he does and encourages everyone to be their best self. I am always inspired and grateful for becoming part of the Evolve family and for all the support giving within the course and after! Thank your for your continued efforts, time and for constantly inspiring me John. 



John, is one of the kindest and giving person I have met, not only has he helped me with a number of problems in the past, but has also given me the opportunity to attend his free classes and go on to do other courses with him. Once a year he presents an amazing one day event in Cheam where he not only helps so many people he also gives back to the local community.
If you need help with anything I would recommend this man 100%



I have seen John for help, support & growth over the years for many situations & crisis in my life. The sessions transformed my thinking & perspective for the better always. To understand how John worked I joined his Courses & now am a qualified practising Elite Life Coach. Self-development is truly how we learn to focus, change & grow, & find what we want out of life. 



I met John in the free masterclass, and the whole thing was SO inspiring and helpful that I found myself enrolling for the Life Coach Training. This is not just changing my life for good, but also, John and his team keep me amazed with how much they care about us and our clients.
I more than recommend him, and will definitely join him in other trainings they're offering now!



So what can I say about John Mill! 😊
I feel I have to leave him a review and also take the opportunity to thank him for everything he has done for me.
John has quite literally changed my life for the better and the words ‘thank you’ will ever feel enough. 🙏
Many years ago I went to see John as he came highly recommended for Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy and what can I say, other than I was not disappointed. Not only did he help me to over-come my struggles he helped me to rebuild my confidence and self-esteem so much so, that not only do I recognise how much I have personally grown, I have built my own business and I’m also now in a position to help others.
With Johns patience, empathy and support he helped me to overcome the many issues that were troubling me, he continued to show his passion throughout our sessions. I always felt heard, cared for, valued and much more, I never felt judged in Johns presence, I appreciated that he provided a safe place that I could off load my worries and concerns and knew that he would guide me in the right direction so that I felt I could achieve all my goals.
I joined his 5 Month Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy training and what can I say, WOW!!! not only was I blown away by the course but the care and support that was offered throughout was impeccable, so much so, that I went onto his second course. Not only have I learned how to grow personally he has also helped me to grow my own business and I don’t think I would ever have achieved it if he hadn’t shown me how to believe in myself and build my own confidence. I am so grateful for everything John, thank you so much for having faith in me. I wish you all the best for your future, always keep dreaming big, you deserve great things. 🥰
Trust me, you wouldn’t be disappointed with him, whether that’s seeing him as a Life Coach or attending the Free Master Class he provides or one of his courses.
Eternally thankful to you John.



I met John a few years back at a masterclass he was running. Right away i connected with his genuine desire to help others, be they clients or people wanting to follow in his footsteps as a highly successful lifecoach! John inspires all his students to be their best self, to enjoy the journey of learning and growing and changing their own lives whilst building a career sharing that knowledge. I have never known anyone to work so hard at delivering a first class accredited course that he really believes in and one where you get so much value. He has teamed up with the amazing Joan Clark and together they consistently encourage and teach the students to step up and become their best selves, supporting them well beyond the course itself. I am continually inspired and proud to be part of the team. It’s not often you work with someone who truly cares and this is what sets John apart from most. Thanks for your generosity of spirit, for constantly inspiring me John and teaching me so much! Truly grateful, Zoe



One of the best experiences in my life !
Thanks to John I found my purpose in life and he completely changed my life and myself.
Thanks for everything!



What can I say, a few years ago I went to a free masterclass I really knew I wanted to join the course but didn't feel it was the right time
John even inboxed me to say he really believed that I would make a good life coach, to be honest I thought he said this to all the people to sign on his course, I made friends with someone over the weekend and messaged her to ask if John had said the same, but he never, so he really did think I had what it took.
A year later there was an event at Nonsuch mansion
I went to and took 3 friends they were blown away and I spoke to lots of people on his previous course and one lady said even if you don't become a life coach do the course for yourself you will learn so much of yourself.
So I decided to join the October course which I had so much support and praise  that helped with my learning.
Jo Clark was my main tutor and she is an inspiration too.
Then there was Zoe and Alex who both helped me with some course work and confidence and Zoe helped me see things in s different light
I say just go along to the free weekend masterclass and see for yourselves.
I love how John calls us a family an Evolve family.



I had the privilege to have John as my coach in a very particular moment of my life, he recognised straight away the issue and managed to help me in a few sessions. Forever grateful to this man.



I took Evolve's Life Coaching course from October 2018 to March 2019, and I found the course to be of great value, and found it very useful.

Overall everything that I needed to be covered and learnt in order to feel able to practice as a life coach was covered.


Since qualifying I have had two paying clients that have been happy with the therapy they have received from myself, and I have also continued to work with a local charity that has been receptive and pleased with the additional skills I have learnt. I have seen about 7 or 8 clients for the charity since qualifying, and they have all been happy with the changes they have seen within themselves.


I look forward to taking on more clients as I continue to grow my private practice.



Dear John


I just wanted to say a huge thank you and put down in words how I am feeling at this moment in time.  As you know, we have just finished the 8-month Prestige Course – no more training courses left to complete with you – this makes me feel sad but also extremely excited for the future ….. The high quality of both your courses have been second to none.  You have provided and equipping me with the tools to go forth and become the Life Coach that I’ve always wanted to be.


I am so pleased I took the plunge September 2018, when I attended your free Master Class in London.  What followed was an amazing journey of self discovery when I signed up for the certified 5 Month Elite Life Coaching Course.  The way you and your team taught the course content, and the support you gave (and continue to give) me has just been amazing.  As intense as some days were, they were also exhilarating in equal measures.  Those times that I felt I did not understand, you helped me believe in myself to continue, you were able to explain things to me that I initially thought I would never comprehend, and you enabled me to do my own research to make me a better person and future life coach.


Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity …. Until I met you I didn’t realise that I had the confidence to retrain to do something that I had wanted to do for such a long time.  Being able to see paying Clients makes me continue to believe in myself, as I know I have the tools to help these people overcome their issues and mistaken beliefs – and this is because of you and your Life Coaching course.  Also, knowing that you are always at the end of a phone should I need advice in any aspect of my Life Coaching, or any other matters, makes me feel secure in myself to continue doing what I love.


Thank you again John.



Dear John


I know that I have expressed my thanks to you on several occasions verbally, but I just wanted to write to formally thank you, Joan and your team for all your teaching and support over the past year.


The first course was amazing and although it was quite intense it was totally manageable.  I have also really enjoyed the second course that we have just completed, as it was helpful to be armed with the knowledge from the first course, but it has helped to re-cap on some parts and then learn further interventions that can also be used, has been invaluable.  I know that we are all very prepared to see our own clients, and that you and your team are only a phone call or email away to lend a hand and support if needed.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with Evolve College and have learnt so much on the Life Coaching course, (including learning a lot about myself which I wasn’t necessarily expecting!) although I appreciate that the real learning will come when I see my paying clients!.


You have all gone out of your way to be there for us all, and your continued support and help is really appreciated.


I wish you and your team all the very best for the future and look forward to watching Evolve College grow.


Kind regards,



The 2 Day MasterClass

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