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Further Details


  • Where are your courses held?
    All of our courses are always held at Birkbeck University of London. 1 Malet St, London WC1E 7HX Other special events such as 'Advanced Facebook Training' are held at The Groucho Club
  • What days do you hold the courses on?
    All of our course days are weekends only. Every course we do is held on 1 weekend per month every month. Course dates and class numbers are given in advance to all attendees.
  • Why are your courses any different from other life coaching & hypnotherapy courses?
    To give a short answer to this is almost impossible but here are some of the main reasons: 1) You have to apply to get on our courses. We don't just take anyone. The criteria we base this on is not academic but your suitability to become a empathic, passionate coach/hypnotherapist with a desire to help other people. You have to be prepared for success. 2) As part of our course package we provide you with after-care that no other course in the UK does and that is a fact. You will receive advanced social media training, how to write advert copy, how to package and position yourself as an expert and how to bring in paying clients. You will be taught this part of the training at the iconic celebrity haunt, The Groucho Club. 3) You will have lifetime access to a membership only hub where every technique, skill and strategy you learn will be available to watch again to refresh your memory. 4) Our successful students are welcomed at all of our events to speak about their success to inspire new students and we pay them for doing so. 5) There is so much more seriously! Check us out.
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