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Course Director

John Mill

John Mill

"What John Mill does has a monumental impact that is far reaching not only to individuals lives but on society itself in terms of both economic and cultural development."

It has always been a huge bone of contention with me that when people go on training courses and invest huge sums of money in themselves that something like 95% of those people don't achieve what they originally set out to do.


And I blame the college!! Yes I do, do you know why? When you teach or train, your students become a reflection of you. If I take your money and all I am about is money, then at some point once that money is in my bank, my interest in you might fade right?


But what if I want to see you actually succeed and the money you pay me is just an investment in your future with me? 


I did a course many years ago and I believe there were around 33 in my class and only 1 of us went on to become a full time successful therapist, me! 

And I believe it is my obligation to share my message and how I did it all with you and show you exactly how its done every single step of the way!

Course Teacher

Jo Clark

My desire to help people showed up pretty early and nursing seemed like a good career choice. I loved it  and in later years worked in the pharmaceutical industry. It was around then I decided to pursue an interest in personal development, self-help and learning how the mind worked.


In March of 2005 I enrolled on an Integrative Hypnotherapy Diploma course. Not only was that decision career changing but life-changing. Four years later armed with a teaching qualification I joined the training team. I  spent 4 years delivering Diploma and Advanced Diploma Hypnotherapy and Master NLP training to hundreds of students.

Since joining Evolve College teaching people to become skilled life coaches with empathy and compassion, has been immensely rewarding and integral to me and I love what I do!

Jo Clark

“Jo Clark inspires every student to love learning, she fires their imaginations, encourages them to dream and teaches them from deep within her heart!”

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