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My client sat there with eyes closed as I thought ‘Aargh!!'

I recently performed a hypnosis and as is often the case, I had no clue as to where I would go with it. As I sat there thinking 'where the hell am I going to go with this?’ It began to flow.

An experienced hypnotherapist won’t use a script but rather ad lib the hypnosis based on what the client has said and then tailors it to them. We use different inductions to put someone into a trance and as I'm talking, watching the client drift into a peaceful state, I might be doing what you do in your job as I think of other things I need to get done like put some washing on when I get in or buy some shampoo!

By the time I get to the 'staircase deepener', a script that deepens the hypnotic state I start to get into my flow state and in that present moment the creativity starts to happen. So I found myself talking about one of Aesop’s fables called The Fox And The Grapes.

The story goes that the fox is wandering along and spies some juicy grapes on a vine overhanging from above. The fox thinks how delicious they look and decides to leap up to grab them but misses them completely. He takes a step back and leaps again but to no avail. Again and again he tries but still the grapes just seem out of reach and it’s here that he gives up.

‘Why am I wasting my energy on a bunch of old sour grapes?’ he thought and walked away.

The moral of the fable is that we look at things that are out of our reach with disdain and I guess it helps us deal with our own failure but what if we saw all of the things out of our reach as opportunities?

Imagine if everyday you woke up, all around you were things with flags on and the flags represented opportunities. Imagine pathways, people, doorways and many other things with flags above them telling you this is your chance, your new life or a new you, how exciting would that be?

As a young man I worked at Clarks Shoes and if someone walked in and didn’t buy anything we called that person a SWOP which meant ‘sale without purchase’, a lost sale, an opportunity that didn’t happen.

So after your morning tea, coffee or healthy morning juice give yourself the chance to experience freedom from concern today and look out for the flags around you and the opportunities that await.

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